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The demand for security guards is expected to grow between the years 2021-2031. ​ Enroll in a firearms course for:

  • Safety: Handling a firearm safely is of the utmost importance, especially for security guards who may be required to use a firearm on the job. A firearms safety training course can teach security guards how to handle, store, and use firearms safely and responsibly.

  • Legal requirements: In some jurisdictions, security guards may be required to complete a firearms safety training course in order to carry a firearm on the job.

  • Professional development: Taking a firearms safety training course can help security guards improve their skills and knowledge, which can make them more effective in their role.

  • Self-defense: Security guards may be required to use a firearm for self-defense purposes on the job. A firearms safety training course can teach them how to use a firearm effectively for self-defense in a variety of situations.

  • Personal development: Learning how to handle and use a firearm can be a rewarding and empowering experience. It can also help to improve focus, concentration, and decision-making skills.

  • Our Active Shooter, First Aid & CPR classes are certified by the state of Tennessee.


Due to shortages, please bring FMJ ammunition for these courses.

The number of rounds needed are listed under each class.

Ammunition is also available for purchase.

Gun rentals are available as well.

Basic Handgun 1

Our Basic Handgun 1 class is the perfect place to start for those who have never handled a handgun before.

Basic Handgun 2

Our Basic Handgun 2 training is the perfect next step for those who have already completed our Basic Handgun 1 course. To take this course, you must bring 100 rounds of ammunition. Sign up today and take the next step in your handgun journey!

Basic Handgun 3

Basic Handgun 3 is the next step in the journey of learning how to safely and effectively use a handgun. Participants will need to supply 150 rounds of ammunition for the class. With this knowledge, students will be well on their way to becoming proficient in the use of handguns.

Private Handgun Instruction

At Handgun Training, we offer individual private handgun instruction. Our experienced instructors provide personalized instruction to help you become a confident and safe handgun user. Please contact our office for more information about our private handgun instruction services.

Concealed Carry 1

At our Handgun Training facility, we offer a comprehensive Concealed Carry course designed to teach you the fundamentals of safely and responsibly carrying a concealed firearm.

200 rounds of ammunition is required.

Concealed Carry 2

The Concealed Carry 2 class is designed to help you further develop the skills and knowledge you have acquired in the Concealed Carry 1 class.

250 rounds of ammunition is required.

Concealed Carry 3

Concealed Carry 3 is the next step in the training process, building upon the skills and knowledge acquired in Concealed Carry 2.

300 rounds of ammunition

TN/MS Concealed Carry

TN/MS Enhanced Handgun Permit meets the requirements set by the state in order to obtain an enhanced handgun carry permit.

Force on Force

Force On Force is a handgun training program that teaches students how to handle a variety of real-life scenarios without the use of live rounds.

Laser Handgun Training

Laser Handgun Training provides a unique and immersive experience to get the most out of your training.

Active Shooter Training

Our Active Shooter Training service provides comprehensive training on active shooter data, as well as prevention planning.

Active Shooter Response

Our Active Shooter Response course provides valuable techniques to equip you with the skills to protect yourself and others during an active shooter incident.

Church Safety

Our Church Safety course provides practical training to help protect your congregation from potential threats.

State Certified Unarmed Guard

This training provides the necessary knowledge and skills required to become a state of Tennessee certified unarmed security guard.

State Certified Armed Guard 

Our state certified armed security guard training provides the necessary qualifications needed to become a licensed armed security guard in the state of Tennessee. Participants must bring 50 rounds of ammunition to complete the course.

TN State Security Guard Recertification 

This Security Guard Recertification course is designed to meet the state of Tennessee requirements for renewal of security guard certifications. Participants must bring 50 rounds of ammunition to the course.

Private Group Session

Our Handgun Training offers private group sessions for those who want to strengthen their shooting skills with friends or family. In these sessions, participants receive personalized instruction from our experienced instructors. Private group sessions are available by request; please contact our office for more information.

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