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Life tends to happen at some of the most unexpected times. It’s easy to get weighed down with life when you’re tending to family, deadlines at work, extra activities with the kids, and other things on your to do list that  causes your safety and security to probably be the last thing on your mind. Or if you’re a business, you must focus on quality customer service, inventory, seminars, meetings, and daily operations. At Calvary Executive Security Agency YOUR safety and security are OUR top priority. 

Here at CESA we have a team that’s committed to making your safety our business. Whether it’s facility, asset, or personnel security we can assure you we will provide professional and high proficiency services. 

Efficiency is the foundation of our culture! Our Armed Agents go through continuous training and must successfully pass the FBI Shooting Qualification quarterly. We focus, as well, on client relations, customer service resolution, and de-escalation! We pride ourselves on being pro-active and not reactive, which can solve most issues before they become problems.

The next time you’re out and about, pay attention to the security that’s on site. Most of the time they’re not armed and or paying attention to the surroundings. The main thing security services are trained to do is observe, report, and contact the authorities, which can take a minimum of 30 mins for help to arrive. We at CESA are trained to take action to PROTECT YOU on the spot and will always put your safety as our primary objective.

Again, we look forward to making YOUR Safety OUR Business!!!

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