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CALIBER FIREARMS ACADEMY is home to a team of highly skilled instructors who are passionate about firearms training. With their extensive knowledge of firearms and firearm safety, they teach students of all skill levels, from novice to advanced shooters. You can rely on us to provide top-notch firearms training that meets your needs.

Howie Williams


Howie is a distinguished veteran of Desert Storm with a wealth of experience in combat support operations. He has also served as an assistant manager and head training officer of the Naval Air Station Norfolk Anti-Terrorism Security Department, where he worked closely with the secret service to ensure the safety of the President of the United States during Presidential visits and base patrol. Howie's approach to training is characterized by his compassion, thoroughness, and practicality, and he is highly regarded for his expertise in everyday handgun carry techniques.

  • COO & Director of Training of Caliber Firearms Academy

  • USISB Director of Security

  • Active Shooter Instructor

  • Active Shooter Response Instructor

  • De-Escalation Instructor

  • TN & MS State Certified Firearms Instructor

  • TN State Certified Security Trainer

  • TN State Certified De-Escalation Trainer

  • TN State Certified Security Guard Safe Restraint Trainer

  • TN State Certified Capsicum "Pepper" Spray Security Guard Trainer

  • Church Security Team / Leader Instructor

  • AVERT Authorized Instructor

  • USCCA Training Counselor (Firearms Instructor Certifier)

  • USCCA Firearms Instructor

  • USCCA Emergency First Aid / CPR Instructor

  • USCCA Range Safety Officer

  • USCCA Mental Wellness Instructor

  • Force On Force Instructor

  • Capsicum “Pepper” Spray Instructor

  • Executive Dignitary Security Agent

  • FBI Pistol Qualified

  • Tactical Anatomy Advisor

  • Shelby County VOAD Administrator

  • BMBC Crisis Management Director

Samuel Ivy

Samuel Ivy_edited.jpg

Samuel is a distinguished firearms instructor and security professional, certified by the states of Tennessee and Mississippi, USCCA, and an authorized AVERT instructor. He is also an experienced United States Army Veteran, having served as a Special Weapons operator, Iraq Urban Assault Attack Team member, and Combat Convoy Commander. With his extensive background and expertise, Samuel is well-equipped to provide top-notch security services and training to his clients. As the House Worship Director of Security and Assistant Director of California Motor Escort Patrol Services, he has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and security of those under his care.

Antwan Turner


Antwan Turner is a highly qualified safety consultant, certified firearms instructor, and Deputy Director of CESA. He recognizes the significance of prioritizing one's well-being and implementing safety measures in today's world. Antwan is deeply committed to safeguarding those who are unable to protect themselves by adding knowledge and confidence to those who seek to learn. He emphasizes the importance of being one's own best line of defense and looks forward to seeing individuals in their ongoing training pursuits. Antwan reminds us to remain vigilant, alert, and prepared at all times.

Chris Foster


Chris is a firearms instructor of exceptional caliber, holding multiple certifications that include State of Tennessee Certified Firearms Instructor, USCCA Firearms Instructor, USCCA Active Shooter Firearms Instructor, USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Instructor, Certified Executive Dignitary Security Agent, Security Agent of CESA (Calvary Executive Security Agency), and FBI Handgun Qualified. His extensive training and experience make him a true professional in the field of firearms and security.

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