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At CALIBER FIREARMS ACADEMY, the instructors find firearms training a rewarding profession. Each instructor has a strong understanding of firearms and firearm safety, as well as the ability to effectively teach students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced shooters.

Howie Williams

howie williams_edited.jpg

Howie is a Desert Storm Veteran in a combat support squadron who served in multiple operations.  He also was an assistant manager and head training officer of an Anti-Terrorism Team and coordinated with secret service during Presidential visits.  He has compassion thoroughly, practically, and correctly train techniques for everyday carry.   

  • COO & Senior Instructor

  • Church Crisis Management Director

  • USISB Director of Security

  • TN & MS State Certified Firearms Instructor

  • TN State Certified Security Instructor

  • USCCA Training Counselor

  • USCCA Firearms Instructor

  • USCCA Women's Handgun Instructor

  • USCCA Active Shooter Prevention Instructor

  • USCCA Emergency First Aid Fundamentals Instructor


  • Force On Force Instructor

  • Church Security Team Advisor

Samuel Ivy

Samuel Ivy_edited.jpg
  • TN & MS State Certified Firearms Instructor

  • USCCA Firearms Instructor 

  • USCCA Range Safety Officer

  • USCCA Countering the Mass Shooter Threat Instructor

  • Certified Executive Dignitary Security Agent

  • United States Army Veteran - Special Weapons

  • House of Worship Head Security Director

  • Assistant Director California Motor Escort Patrol Services 

  • Iraq Urban Assault Attack Teams

  • Combat Convoy Commander

Antwan Turner

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