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At CALIBER FIREARMS ACADEMY, the instructors find firearms training a rewarding profession. Each instructor has a strong understanding of firearms and firearm safety, as well as the ability to effectively teach students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced shooters.

Howie Williams

howie williams_edited.jpg

Howie is a Desert Storm Veteran in a combat support squadron who served in multiple operations.  He also was an assistant manager and head training officer of an Anti-Terrorism Team and coordinated with secret service during Presidential visits.  He has compassion, thoroughness, practical, and correct training techniques for everyday carry.   

  • COO & Senior Instructor of Caliber Firearms Academy

  • USISB Director of Security

  • TN State Certified Security Instructor

  • TN & MS State Certified Firearms Instructor

  • TN State Certified Active Shooter Security Instructor

  • TN State Certified First Aid & CPR Security Instructor

  • USCCA Training Counselor

  • Active Shooter Response Instructor

  • USCCA Active Shooter Instructor

  • Force on Force Instructor

  • USCCA Firearms, Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense, Emergency First Aid & CPR Instructor

  • USCCA Range Safety Officer

  • Church Security Training Advisor

  • Capsicum “Pepper” Spray Instructor

  • Certified Executive Dignitary Security Agent

  • Range Master Instructor Development

  • FBI Handgun Qualified

Samuel Ivy

Samuel Ivy_edited.jpg
  • TN & MS State Certified Firearms Instructor

  • USCCA Firearms Instructor 

  • USCCA Range Safety Officer

  • USCCA Active Shooter Instructor

  • Certified Executive Dignitary Security Agent

  • United States Army Veteran - Special Weapons

  • House of Worship Head Security Director

  • Assistant Director California Motor Escort Patrol Services 

  • Iraq Urban Assault Attack Teams

  • Combat Convoy Commander

Antwan Turner


Train. Protect. Preserve. Three words that mean a great deal to me because of the discipline and dedication that goes behind them. In a time where being concerned about your well-being is important, it should be second nature to always implement awareness. My name is Antwan Turner, a safety consultant, certified firearms instructor, and Deputy Director of CESA. Protecting those that can't protect themselves has always been a passion of mine. In turn, I really enjoy teaching others who have a strong desire to learn, how to equip themselves with the knowledge and confidence they'll need to handle themselves in stressful situations. At the end of the day, YOU are YOUR best line of defense. I hope to see you all in our continuous training endeavors. Be Safe. Be Aware. Be Ready!

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