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What about the children!

Lately, there have been unintentional shooting deaths in the news report involving children. A mother who was looking for her keys in her purse, hit the trigger and killed her teenaged daughter. Another person left his gun in his pants pocket while playing a video game. He didn’t realize the child walked into the room, got his gun and shot himself. The child didn’t make it. And another incident where a brother brought his girlfriend’s gun to show his sister. He pulled out the magazine, but didn’t realize there was a round in the chamber, pointed the gun at her and pressed the trigger. After over a year later, she is still recovering with 12 fragments of the bullet still in her head while trying to learn who to walk again. What about the children? All gun owners need to learn how to be safe and responsible with their guns. Many of these incidents could have been avoided if they were trained correctly. Please get, at the very least, the handgun safety training so that you will not be another family in this horrible, but preventable statistic!

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